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About Us

A Brief History:

Jersey Transfer Co. was founded more than twenty-five years ago to serve the needs of the brokerage community. In 1985, sensing a need for additional services, Jersey Transfer & Trust Company (JTT) was established as a limited purpose trust company in the State of New Jersey. JTT currently serves as transfer agent for more than one hundred companies worldwide. Our size enables us to give your company and investors the personalized service they deserve, and in most case can not receive at the largest corporate and bank transfer agents. This high level of quality service is provided at a most economical price.

Due to the rapidly changing circumstances during the last decade, many money center banks have left the stock transfer business due to a lack of commitment to the business. At many large money center banks, stock transfer transactions have a low priority in the data processing area because stock transfer is not part of the bank�s core business. Since stock transfer is our only business at JTT, processing your company�s stock transfer transactions receives the highest priority. Our computers belong to JTT and are used for no other purpose than to provide the highest quality stock transfer services to our clients.

We Specialize
JTT is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to all the companies and their investors we serve. By concentrating our energies on the stock transfer business, JTT is able to provide a wide range of products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. The experience of our staff of professionals allows JTT to custom tailor our products and services to meet the ever changing requirements of our existing and prospective clients.

Personalized Service
At JTT we believe highly personalized service is one of the keys to meeting our client�s expectations. Our experienced professionals are equipped with state of the art information systems that enable us to respond to client and investor inquiries with correct information when the inquiry is received. When special circumstances arise at your company, the entire resources of JTT will be brought to bear on the situation, including the availability of our entire staff of professionals well past normal business hours.

The Chairman and President of JTT are available to all clients on any business day. Our senior management is always eager to hear from our clients, whether it is regarding a major corporate action or a shareholder inquiry. Many of our clients are initially surprised, then pleased, when the Chairman or President calls to verify that our service and performance meets or exceeds all their expectations.

Working Together
Whether your company is doing its initial public offering or subsequent public offerings, an experienced team of professionals from JTT will work with key personnel from your company to assure a successful offering. To help facilitate a smooth and successful closing, we devote a great deal of time and energy interfacing with underwriters, lawyers, brokers, potential investors and the escrow agent on your behalf. In recent offerings, JTT has not only been transfer agent but also co-escrow agent with a major bank. The advantage to your company of JTT serving as co-escrow agent with a major bank is the compiling of a more complete and accurate listing of investors.

Why Choose JTT?
Potential clients occasionally have asked how JTT can provide the high level of quality service promised for such an economical price. Our response is simple and straight forward, there are not any undisclosed charges, nor do we allow any cutbacks on service. JTT is an extremely cost efficient provider of stock transfer and related services.

If you have ever thought of changing transfer agents due to high costs and/or poor service, now is the time to act. JTT has assisted many companies in making this transition and looks forward to the opportunity to coordinate this change for your company. The experienced staff at JTT guarantees a smooth, uneventful and successful changeover for your company. We look forward to discussing the stock transfer needs of your company and making your company and its investors a part of our family.