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Stock and warrant:
  • Safekeeping of certificates
  • Monthly listing of holders
  • Monthly copies of transfer sheets
  • Mailing labels for holders
  • Mailings

    Administration of:
  • Stock Option and Stock Purchase Plans
  • Rights Offerings
  • Cash, stock, and odd lot tenders

    Processing of:
  • All transfers, including legal and restricted
  • Address changes

    Financial Services:
  • Cash and/or stock dividend payments
  • Dividend Reinvestment program
  • Safekeeping of assets
  • Preparation and mailing of I.R.S. Form #1099
  • Escrow Agent for warrant purchases
  • Co-Escrow Agent for initial and subsequent public offerings with a qualified major bank chosen by your company.

    Other client services:
  • Cancellation and destruction of old certificates
  • Shareholder support program
  • Broker assistance
  • E-Mail access
  • Mailing of proxy material
  • Tabulation of proxies
  • Inspector of election